This is Sheila Lou--the shop owner who has been engaged in Cross-Border Commerce for more than 5 years.

I think Chinese products will have absolute advantage both in quality and price for our manufacturers have finally begun to pay attention to the brand attributes of the products and since I'm extremely rich in terms of supplier resources that is why I set up this store.

Yes, it is a one-person store opening at 11.11 2019. Maybe next year I’ll have 2 or 3 fellows but now I have to prop up the store all by myself.

Don't worry about "is it a scam" or "how can I be sure to deal with all the things by one person", etc. I'll cooperate with logistics company and large warehouse for the order fast handling. I was running a store named KINIYO in my last company which was very successful so   I'm professional honestly. Picking quality products and showing them to you online will cost me a lot to ensure you're satisfying with the items when you open the box.

At this stage, I can only offer payment  ,paypal will be ok next year and the shipping countries are also limited in Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand other countries will be gradually opened. Plz follow my Instagram @bujohaul for notification. You can also leave a message to me for the payment and country you hope to open

All packages will send from China to your address so maybe it'll be a little long in transit normally takes 2 weeks plz be patience and believe I have done what I can to make it on your hand ASAP.

Opening Sale will begin from PST 00:00 11.11 2019.About 5 hours later. All orders start processing at 11.15 to avoid package jam. Enjoy!